Documentation section: Diagnostics

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00399798331KWheel Sensor
00399633229KPedal Position Double Signal, All Petrol (MY 2002 and MY 2003)
00399652229KIgnition to crankshaft signal
00399653231KExhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, Z22SE (MY 2002 and MY 2003)
00110532226KCamshaft Sensor, Motronic M1.5.6
00110538228KIgnition, Primary
00110541228KIntake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor
00110550229KThrottle Valve Potentiometer (Double Signal), Multed,Trionic (MY2001, MY2002 and MY2003), Simtec (MY2001 and MY2002)
00110551229KThrottle Valve Potentiometer (Double Signal), Motronic (MY2001, MY2002 and MY2003)
00031741330KAirMass Meter, 4 Cylinder Petrol
00031745328KAlternator Test
00031747228KBattery,Starter, Petrol (Current Measurement)
00031748227KBattery,Starter (Voltage Measurement)
00031755223KCompression 4-cylinder, Unsynchronised
00031759332KCrankshaft Impulse Sensor, Petrol
00031776333KInjector (Multi-point Fuel Injection), all except Y22YH
00031780331KKnock Sensor