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part of the left rear sill

Geplaatst: 07 nov 2019 19:17
door EnnZett

I'm Norbert Zesling from Germany and have a Speedster NA since 2005 in brg colour.

My Speedster has unfortunately been damaged in the rear sill area. For the sake of clarity, I have enclosed a picture of the damage and the area that I want to renew (red marked).

Is it possible that I get this part of the sill from you? I really just want to renew the marked area, but the 90 ° angle into the wheel arch should be present for reasons of stability.

Please send a PM to norbertzesling(at)

Sincerely, from GE
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Re: part of the left rear sill

Geplaatst: 07 nov 2019 21:45
door timmyboy55
That needs to be repaired!

Easy repair for a good body shop :) When you get off your left rear wheel you can get to the damage from the inside.

They just need to re fiberglass the area to repair.

I don't think you will get hands on a second hand Sill as they are glued to the chassis....

Re: part of the left rear sill

Geplaatst: 07 nov 2019 21:51
door Exmantaa
The bottom part there is damaged too due to a jacking incident, so there is not much structure behind to fiberglass on to. So if Norbert can find that complete corner from a wrecked car, the repair is much easier.

Re: part of the left rear sill

Geplaatst: 08 nov 2019 14:08
door EnnZett
Thank you for all comments.

But the search for the body part has an end.

I have just been called by a very good friend, who has carried out the repair in a similar situation with foam, glass fiber mats and epoxy resin. The work to be done is kept within limits and the highest cost factor is the painting job.

So in the next few days/weeks I will try to repair the sill in this way.

Thank you very much to all those who have looked after a solution for me. That's what I like about the forum. I will report on the outcome.